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BREAKING: What Joe Biden Just Called The #Chattanooga Terrorist Has Obama FURIOUS… SPREAD THIS!


Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday called the slaying of four Marines and a sailor at a Chattanooga reserve center the act of a “perverted jihadist.”

Hell yeah! LMAO UNCLE JOE IS STEPPING UP TO THE PLATE! He just did something Obama has refused to do for years! No doubt Obama will be mad as hell! Personally, I love it. And trust me when I say I am no Joe Biden fan lol!

Biden’s comments came at a memorial to the five servicemen killed in a shooting rampage by Kuwait-born Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez.

“These perverse ideologues, warped theocrats, they may be able to inspire a single lone wolf to commit a savage act, but they can never, never threaten who we are,” Biden said. “When this perverted jihadist struck, everyone responded.”

Yeah including one service member that came within inches of being prosecuted by Obama’s Muslim loving henchmen for returning fire on that murderous terrorist scumbag.

Thanks to the out pour from all of us American loving patriots they backed off. 

The vice president’s strong words contrast with the official comments of investigators who have not yet been able to determine a motive behind the attack. The FBI has said it has not been able to determine whether the 24-year-old Abdulazeez was “radicalized” before the July 16 attacks and has been treating him as a homegrown violent extremist.

What exactly is so difficult in ‘determining’ if this Jihad terrorist is a Jihad terrorist? There is no difficulty except for getting a truthful report out that Obama is blocking. We all know! A fricking 5 year old could tell you. The scumbag was a JIHADIST MUSLIM TERRORIST THAT WANTED TO KILL AMERICANS! Hello! Anybody home? Morons…

Speaking before Biden, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said officials may never know “what combination of disturbed mind, violent extremism and hateful ideology” was behind the shooting, but vowed that the United States would present a strong response.

Oh God help me. Why complicate sh*t bro? You sound like a B-Rate psychiatrist man. Dudes a Muslim terrorist. Case closed. Ship these mother f**kers out of our country. 

“The few who threaten or incite harm to Americans — violent extremists or terrorists, wherever they are — will surely, very surely, no matter how long it takes, come to feel the long arm and the hard fist of justice,” Carter said.

Oh yeah, they are shaking in their sandals bro.

 Those killed were Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Randall Smith and four Marines: Staff Sgt. David Wyatt, Sgt. Carson Holmquist, Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Sullivan and Lance Cpt. Squire “Skip” Wells, who just moments before had texted his girlfriend in Savannah, Georgia, the words “ACTIVE SHOOTER.”
The vice president drew applause for concluding his remarks with a defiant message for anyone who would target the United States.

“We have a message for those perverted cowards around the world: America never yields, never bends, never cowers, never stands down — (but) endures, responds, and always overcomes,” he said. “For we are Americans, and never, never underestimate us.

Actually Joe, under your buddy Hussein Obama we DO yield, we DO bend, we DO cower and we ALWAYS stand down. And how exactly do we respond Uncle Joe? By threatening ISIS with paper pamphlets? Perhaps counseling? Or how about sending washed up James Taylor to sing love songs while John Lurch Kerry sways back and forth like some kind of idiot?  


God Bless. Dean James RIGHT WING TRIBUNE


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