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AWESOME: This Little Girl Got The Surprise Of Her Life At The School Magic Show… (Video)

So many American Military families are separated by far too many miles for far too long. Wives without their husbands, husbands without their wives and even children without their parents. This is a sad reality but stories like this one really brings a huge smile to our faces. We hope it brings a smile to yours too!

Faith Tap reports:

Gilbert Jr. High School hosted a fantastic magic show, requested for a very special reason by Julia and Brian Woodburn, soldiers of the US Army. They had been away for quite some time and wanted to surprise their precious daughter with their long awaited return home. The Louisiana school gym was filled with familiar faces, and the little sweet daughter was among them. With her army jacket proudly worn on her back, she stood out among the audience.

When the magician called her name for assistance with his next trick, she smiled sweetly while walking to the front of the audience. The magician knelt gently by her side and asked her where her parents were. She stood there shyly as a friend in the crowd let him know that they weren’t here. She agreed and watched for what the magician was about to amaze her with.

She had no idea mommy and daddy were so close. The magician did his magic, unfolding a set up where her mommy was hiding. Mommy appeared out of the magic scene, and ran over to embrace her sweet daughter. Then, her daddy jumped out of the mascot suit to join his beautiful, reunited family.

YouTube video via lilnatetv

I sincerely hope we see more and more videos like this in the near future. God bless this child and family. It is a welcomed sight to see smiles on the faces instead of disappointment from our brave men and women in the Armed Forces.

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God Bless. Dean James III%

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