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Sean Hannity: Three Senators Confirm That Mitch McConnell Lied To Ted Cruz And America

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I look no further as to why the “establishment” fears the likes of Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz than one statement recently made by Mr. Cruz. When someone in the Washington political scene has the nerve to dare speak the truth and call one of their own a liar it is sure to raise some eyebrows.

You would think when one has the audacity about them to speak up, other’s would follow suit but apparently that is not the case. In a recent radio program Sean Hannity reveals just how our government is ran by cowards and suck ups!

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PJ Media reports:

Sean Hannity says that three senators confirmed Ted Cruz’s account of a conversation he had with Senate Majority Liar Leader Mitch McConnell about a possible deal with Democrats about the Export-Import Bank. You may recall that Cruz blasted McConnell on the Senate floor for saying there was no deal, while there clearly was one.

Although other Republicans have attacked Cruz for telling the truth — without denying his account of the conversation, by the way — a few have come out in support of him. Senator Mike Lee has been willing to go on record to confirm Cruz’s account. Sadly, he’s the only one. Hannity says that two others confirmed the story, but they wish to remain anonymous. This is what he said when Cruz appeared on his radio show recently.

This leaves little doubt about the truth of Cruz’s statements. What’s more important, though, is the utter lack of courage from his colleagues in the U.S. Senate. Think about this: 50 senators don’t have the courage to speak out about this issue, and of the four (including Cruz) who do, two are so afraid of McConnell’s leadership team that they don’t dare do so publicly.

Remain anonymous, REALLY??? If you cannot in good faith stand up for what’s right then we don’t want you period. People need to realize, this is the problem we have with the political machine in Washington… POLITICIANS HAVE NO BACKBONE!

Most people do not understand the power that Boehner and McConnell have over the Republicans in Congress. It isn’t ideological, it is re-election support and job assignments. These people are so worried about getting re-elected and the position they are awarded that they are afraid of confronting their leaders. Both leaders(That’s truly a sad thought in itself) have the power to deny financial re-election aid to any member who does not toe the line as well as actually supporting a primary challenger. This isn’t about the citizens of the US, its about their future on the gravy train.

McConnell and Boehner parade around wearing the Republican mantle but are faithless in executing its principles. I hold them in even lower esteem for their betrayal. It’s a breath of fresh air to see someone holding ALL to a higher standard. I call on my fellow Americans to watch as the month’s continue to pass and rally behind those that stand and speak for the people. Few do this but I applaud the one’s who do, thank you Senator Cruz remain strong….”We The People” have your back!

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