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When Someone Tries Convincing You That Obama Is Pro-Israel, Show Them This Video

Blaze and Spitfire RIGHT WING TRIBUNE – 

Obama has disgraced the United States by constantly trying to ingratiate himself to our sworn enemies. It is as simple as that. Certainly not every Arab hates the US, nor does every Israeli like us. In each case though, the majority line up that way. The problem for us is that a very sizable number of Muslims seek our destruction and have no tolerance for the values of others. We’re equipping Iran with nuclear weapons who, as quoted by Mr. Freidman of NY Times- “if Iran has a bomb today, they’ll use it on Israel TOMORROW.”

Everyone in this country knows what Obama has done both to our country and to Israel. Our Congress, everyone of them knows what he has done to our country and Israel too but they have no intentions of doing anything to stop him. That makes me feel like the majority have sided with him and are going to help and watch him bring this country down anyway they can. I hold no hope in our Congress doing anything to get him out of office. Ted Cruz said it well its the Washington Cartel. They are all guilty of treason against America.

When will we finally elect a government and President that actually care about the USA? America has to stop spending our money supporting regimes, people who are clearly our enemy. If those representing our country, do not do their part in being loyal to our Constitution and our way of life they should be replaced and automatically tried for treason. It is now or never for America and it’s allies.

Obama’s position on Israel was made clear many years ago when he allied himself with a Palestinian radical and attended dinners honoring this radical while he was an Illinois senator. If you still feel that Obama has the best interests of our great nation and it’s allies in mind please watch this eye opening video because it may just change your mind.

YouTube video via EmergCmteForIsrael (H/T Conservative Post)

Blaze and Spitfire

God Bless. Dean James III%

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