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15 Things That Require You To Show Your ID… Guess What’s NOT On This List!

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Below is an eye opening, commonsense list of reasons EVERYONE in America has to have an ID on themselves at all times. Are you telling me that people make it through everyday life without an ID? Recently I lost my wallet and for two days without one I realized your not going to get very much accomplished.

Matt Palumbo at Headline Politics reports :

Requiring an ID to vote is an idea rising in popularity, particularly among conservatives, intending to reduce the potential for voter fraud. In continuing to fight the war on common sense, the idea has met fierce response from liberal critics who argue that such policies would disenfranchise voters who are apparently incapable of obtaining a photo ID. To show just how absurd the opposition to voter ID is, here’s a list of 15 common items and activities that require a photo ID:

1) Purchase of alcohol

2) Purchase of tobacco

3) Applying for welfare (OK – maybe liberals will oppose this one next)

4) Applying for ObamaCare (and maybe this one too…)

5) Applying for a job

6) Driving, purchasing, or renting a car

7) Purchasing some over- the-counter medicines

8) R-Rated movies

9) Entering most bars

10) Purchasing a gun or applying for a firearm license (ironically, I bet most liberals love this one)

11) Opening a bank account, and writing/cashing checks

12) Renting a hotel room

13) Applying for a fishing license

14) Picking up a prescription

15) Donating blood

That’s some examples (granted there are many others) of the federal government requirements that an ID must be present. Now please explain this…

BallotPedia reports:

As of April 2015, 32 states enforced voter identification requirements. A total of 17 states required voters to present photo identification while 15 accepted other forms of identification. In some states, a voter who is unable to present valid identification may still be permitted to vote without casting a provisional ballot. In others, such voters are required to cast provisional ballots.

These numbers to me are disturbing! It is unacceptable in my eye’s to have so many states who accept “other forms of identification.” If we need an ID for all the items and activities listed above, why should showing an ID to vote be any different?



I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if you need an ID to rent a hotel room, you probably should be required to show ID for more important things, such as picking out the next president. BUT liberal critics charge that this is an effort by conservatives to suppress minority groups from voting. What could be more condescending than to claim that minorities are incapable of obtaining as much as an ID by themselves?


I think it should be mandatory for funeral homes to send a certified copy of a death certificate to that person’s state election board so, when dead, they can be removed from the voter rolls. Of course, liberals (they want everything their way or else) don’t have any common sense, are a minority and of course the minority always gets their way. This is not an issue of race or discrimination though, this is a matter of making sure the dead doesn’t vote! They are always screaming and crying about something. As long as the liberals like it the world continues to spin but if they don’t, equality goes out the window.

As the 2016 elections are nearing I feel it is vitally important for American people everywhere to demand voter ID at the polls. This is a city, county and state issue as much or more than a national responsibility. Local communities must get involved and demand their polling places are ran smoothly, if we all take care of the things closest to us the bigger picture will take care of itself.

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