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The remains of 36 unidentified U.S. Marines found at a WWII battlefield in Tarawa, Japan have finally made it home. Tarawa is an island chain which was the stage for one of the bloodiest battles of WWII. More than 6,000 lives were lost in just 3 days.

Photo credit / AP

Photo credit / AP

My grandfather served our country during WWII, he rarely spoke of the things that happened, but he did talk about this day. He passed away in 2001 and didn’t get to see the WWII memorial in 2010, but it was built for all to understand what these Marines did to save our country. If my grandfather was alive today, he would have been so happy to see these brave men return home.

Photo credit / Getty

Photo credit / Getty

Daily Mail reports:

The remains of 36 unidentified US Marines found at a Second World War battlefield in Japan have been brought home after 72 years.

The Marine’s remains were found on the remote Pacific atoll of Tarawa – an island chain which set the stage for one of the conflict’s bloodiest battles – claiming more than 6,000 lives over three days.

They were recovered by a group called History Flight and were flown to Pearl Harbor where a ceremony was carried out yesterday to mark their repatriation.

The remains were discovered by US charity History Flight after a four-month excavation on Betio island, part of Kiribati’s Tarawa Atoll.

The recovery was the product of a multi-million-dollar, nine-year research project.


Photo credit / AP

History Flight, a non-profit organization ‘committed to keeping World War II aviation history alive’ is now working with the military to identify the remains.

Once this has been completed, they will be given to their families.

It is important to pass down the history of our great nation to our children for them to understand the sacrifice these men made to insure our freedoms. Good or bad, these things make up the fabric of this country and cannot be erased.

I come from a strong military background and my spouse is a veteran, so from our family to yours, you were not forgotten! Thank you for your bravery and sacrifice. From an appreciative American, Welcome Home Marines! Now you can rest in peace. God bless you and your families. SEMPER FI.

Blaze and Spitfire

God Bless. Dean James III%

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