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AWESOME: This Patriot Does Just One Thing Every Day At Sunset… Americans Need To See This [WATCH]

Blaze and Spitfire RIGHT WING TRIBUNE – 

This story just makes one proud to be an American and gives you hope that the American spirit is still alive. We all need a neighbor that takes the initiative to bring an entire community together and at the same time honor those who take an oath to ensure their safety and freedoms will always be there.

From Paul Morris at

Every single day for the past two years, a whole neighborhood has paused from their busy lives for a period of about two minutes. While no one can control all of the crazy things that happen in their day to day lives, whether it be trouble at work, problems with the car, or mortgage payments, one thing is for certain: When it comes time for the sun to set, a simple song will softly float above their heads.

For the past two years now, one musician has decided to play the same 24 notes from his balcony, rain or shine, every single day. As a respectful tribute to our nation and its troops, this musician humbly feels as if it was his sacred duty to perform this sombre song for the neighborhood. And on every single day, whenever he begins to play, time seems to stop.


Watch the video below to see what his neighbors do; it’s truly a beautiful moment for this tight-knit community. When he begins to play and everyone starts to come out of their homes to listen, it should bring feelings of pride into your heart. Because for just a moment, the whole world stops moving to sit back and listen to this one man’s tribute to our great country.

Enjoy this wonderful video.


What a noble gentleman, it just shows that we can serve our country on so many different ways. So many times you see such disrespect from the liberal community towards our soldiers and fallen heroes, this is definitely a breath of fresh air.

In a world full of anti-American sentiments we need so much more patriotism displayed for the world to see. Please share and let the world know the unbreakable spirit of America still lives and will always endure.

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