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Thousands Protest Iranian Nuke Deal In N.Y.- MSM Conveniently Absent…

Even liberals know this so called ‘deal’ sucks…

Blaze and Spitfire RIGHT WING TRIBUNE

Finally something worth protesting not backed by propaganda. So where is MSM? Their absence is disturbing to me when they should be showing the actions of protesters in N.Y. to let everyone across the country know they are not alone in their disgust for the Iranian deal.

We need more protest across the entire nation and millions not thousands. Let’s send the traitors a real message.

New York Post – Thousands of protesters flooded Times Square Wednesday to rally against President Obama’s controversial Iran nuclear arms deal. Organizers of the “Stop Iran Now” rally estimated the crowd, which filled the blocks between 42nd and 38th streets, at 12,000. Cops said it was more like 8,000.

Speakers in Times Square included former Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau, who said opposing the pact “is not only a strategic issue but a moral one. “In the face of Iranian threats, does this agreement make us and our allies safer? I believe it does not,” he said.

Protesters repeatedly booed mentions of Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton, and also turned their wrath on US Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), who has yet to take a position on the agreement. “Where is Chuck? Kill this deal!” the crowd chanted at one point during the three-hour event.


Anyone who would be foolish enough to believe anything from Iran, except, that they want to destroy us and Israel, and anyone who opposes women being treated fairly, i.e. school, driving, women have no say in anything including being raped etc. needs their head examined! Give them a nuke and you will personally be guilty of the deaths of thousands of people. O’Bummer is a traitor in my opinion, he hates the United states of America. If not America in general, any American who opposes his views.

I have a question for all the Iranian nuke deal supporters. Haven’t you heard the Iranian chants of “death to America, death to Israel? I guess the ones who ask us to “give peace a chance” don’t understand that you can not have peace with people who want to kill you. Especially when you take into account that these maniacs now are on track to engineer weapons that would start a chain reaction to end life as we know it on our planet. Arming yet another enemy or ally for that matter with nuclear weapons is not the answer. There are already far to many psychopaths with them in their arsenal.

Dean James III%

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