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WATCH: Democratic Presidential Candidate Apologizing For Saying “All Lives Matter”

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Don’t you love seeing politicians (particularly liberal ones) make fools out of themselves for votes? First rule of leadership- stand by your convictions and convince others why they are worthwhile.

With this one instance it shows a microcosm of what the liberal ideologies have become and frankly it’s sickening. What is wrong with, “All lives matter”? No one is favored nor is anyone granted special privileges. If they really wanted equality they would not protest against “all lives mattering”. In all reality the Democratic candidates know they are in trouble without the black vote so until the 2016 elections at least we will see each one of them bow to the politically correct racists of the world I’m sure.

From CNN:

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley apologized for saying “All lives matter” while discussing police violence against African-Americans with liberal demonstrators. Several dozen demonstrators interrupted the former Maryland governor while he was speaking here at the Netroots Nation conference, a gathering of liberal activists, demanding that he address criminal justice and police brutality. When they shouted, “Black lives matter!” a rallying cry of protests that broke out after several black Americans were killed at the hands of police in recent months, O’Malley responded: “Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter.”

The demonstrators, who were mostly black, responded by booing him and shouting him down. Later that day, O’Malley apologized for using the phrase in that context if it was perceived that he was minimizing the importance of blacks killed by police.

“I meant no disrespect,” O’Malley said in an interview on This Week in Blackness, a digital show. “That was a mistake on my part and I meant no disrespect. I did not mean to be insensitive in any way or communicate that I did not understand the tremendous passion, commitment and feeling and depth of feeling that all of us should be attaching to this issue.”

Seems like they do not want equality by protesting “all lives matter”, they want vengeance. I read a quote on vengeance. It went like this “Vengeance is for those that insist they are owed something, and forgiveness is for those who are substantial enough to move on.”

These black racists should be ashamed and publicly shunned. It’s time we took the fight back to the liberals. If they can get CEO’s fired for supporting straight marriage or if they can get people to protest the justified killing of criminals, we can do the same to them when they do things we don’t like. That’s what I call “equal rights”.

Their hate for us is growing on a daily basis. We can thank Obama, Holder and Sharpton for stirring up all this hate. It’s my fear were going to see more and more violence toward Whites. It’s my belief that before Obama ends his term there will be a black uprising so bad across this country that he will declare martial law and extend his presidency. I feel this is their plan and are prepping for it and have been since the start of his second term.

O’Malley is the perfect example of liberal mentality infecting the DNC. “Black Lives Matter” only builds up hate for Whites to push White guilt and to propagandize Whites as a whole. It is looking similar to what Hitler did to the Jews. Tired of hearing people compare Hitler to Obama, have your leader stop acting like him! White Americans falling for Obama’s Con are signing their own Death Warrants.

Dean James III%

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