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Blaze and Spitfire RIGHT WING TRIBUNE

The Civil unrest in this country is crystal clear to the world. The divide in this country is evident. History has taught that this is the way civil wars are fought. One faction vying for power over another faction. Are we in the infancy of what may be another American civil war? Neither side in this country is budging and the power struggle is lopsided to favor one party. A party who seems hell bent on absolute power and absolute control.

I think Balkenization is more likely to happen first. Basically the left and right would split the country in half voluntarily and probably there would be as much negativity and hostility on both sides that would be reminiscent of North Korea and South Korea. They would have to build up the resources on both sides to actually fight each other years later. There is still too much middle ground I think for this to happen over night.

The next question is who would prevail in a second American civil war? Tactically speaking, conservatives have the upper hand and are far better prepared. Food rioters wouldn’t last beyond three to six weeks as starvation takes its toll, and mindless mobs would not last long against seasoned riflemen. The military, though suffering purges by the White House, still contains numerous conservatives within its ranks. Outside influences, including NATO or the United Nations, are a possibility. There are numerous factors to consider. But I would point out that the most dangerous adversary Constitutional conservatives face is not the left, Obama, or a Federal government gone rogue. Rather, our greatest adversary is keeping organization and unity among each other.

It will probably divide the United States into separate countries. The Liberal East Coast, the Liberal West Coast, the Conservative Northwest, and the Southern Confederate States will be reborn. I believe this is what will happen in our near future if something doesn’t change.

If a civil conflict has been war gamed by the establishment, you can bet they have contingency plans regardless of which side attains the upper hand. Barry Obama is going to implement martial law, claiming that civil war is eminent, using it as a false flag, and therefore suspending elections. As far-out as that sounds, with Obama it wouldn’t surprise me. He’ll say and do ANYTHING to further HIS personal and political agenda.

Dean James III%

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