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BOMBSHELL: Obama Released Top Iranian Nuclear Scientist In Nuke Deal… Left Americans To Rot In Hell


Barack HUSSEIN Obama lashed out at CBS reporter Major Garrett after he asked him about the four Americans left behind to rot in Iranian prisons. It was a legitimate question. But Obama got pissed off and did his usual BS and said that the release of prisoners is separate from the nuke ‘deal.'(AKA- NUKE DISASTER)


Obama said angrily: “I got to give you credit Major for how you craft those questions. the notion that I’m content as I celebrate with American citizens languishing in Iranian jails… Major, that’s nonsense and you should know better.”

No, he is asking the question that the Obama loving mainstream media plants that you allow into your so-called press meetings would never ask! They are afraid to offend the messiah. And more importantly- AMERICA WANTS TO KNOW WHY YOU DIDN’T GET THESE PEOPLE FREED YOU KENYAN MARXIST SOB!

How’d that Bergdahl ‘deal’ work out? You are garbage. You don’t care about us. Oh, you care about Muslims, ILLEGALS,homosexuals and black drug dealers (says a lot about you bro) but you couldn’t give a crap about law abiding citizens especially if we are white. You are a race-baiting pile of filth. You should never have become president. YOU HATE AMERICA!

Okay, I got off track but I get worked up…

But the bottom line is that once again, OBAMA abandoned American prisoners.

Look at OKenyans face. Listen to his words. I watched this live and was sickened.

But now we know, once again that Obama is full of crap because Obama released a top Iranian scientist as part of the deal while the Americans being held in Iranian prisons were left out to dry! I am so fricking pissed off man! 

The Times of Israel reports:

Mojtaba Atarodi, arrested in California for attempting to acquire equipment for Iran’s military-nuclear programs, was released in April as part of back channel talks. The contacts, mediated in Oman for years by close colleague of the Sultan, have seen a series of US-Iran prisoner releases, and there may be more to come.

The secret back channel of negotiations between Iran and the United States, which led to this month’s interim deal in Geneva on Iran’s rogue nuclear program, has also seen a series of prisoner releases by both sides, which have played a central role in bridging the distance between the two nations, the Times of Israel has been told.

In the most dramatic of those releases, the US in April released a top Iranian scientist, Mojtaba Atarodi, who had been arrested in 2011 for attempting to acquire equipment that could be used for Iran’s military-nuclear programs.

Well, NO WONDER he took offense to the question! We got DUPED! Obama aids our enemies while ignoring our own people. He gave over $150 BILLION to a country that chants ‘DEATH TO AMERICA” and has lifted the very sanctions that have kept Iran from starting World War III!

So this Iranian Nuclear scientist is free to build nukes in IRAN thanks to Obama and Kerry. Why do they think they wanted THAT DUDE FREED? To wash their fricking CAMELS? For God’s sake this is all just beyond comprehension…

God Bless. Dean James RIGHT WING TRIBUNE