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Blaze and Spitfire RIGHT WING TRIBUNE

Ever since I can remember, the Democratic party has been convincing the public that the Republican party is to blame for racism. For the record it’s the liberals who stir the racism pot and keep it going.

They are the master deceivers in everything, convincing the poor they need to be dependent on the government, to them it’s a good thing.

I believe that most average citizens desire the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Republican view is that more Government regulation inhibits this, while the Democratic view seems to be that someone or something else is to blame for anyone who feels victimized. Are some people victims of wrong doing? Yes. So should we not rely on a justice system to resolve these disputes? That is how common law should function.

Democratic racism has changed from supporting the KKK in the 1950’s and 1960’s, to shamelessly convincing minority groups that they will always need the assistance of the government.

Here is a list of facts to open the eyes of the unbelievers:

Fact: The Republican Party was founded primarily to oppose slavery, and Republicans eventually abolished slavery. The Democratic Party fought them and tried to maintain and expand slavery. The 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery, passed in 1865 with 100% Republican support but only 23% Democrat support in congress.

Fact: During the Civil War era, the “Radical Republicans” were given that name because they wanted to not only end slavery but also to endow the freed slaves with full citizenship, equality, and rights.

Yes, that was indeed a radical idea at the time!

Fact: Lincoln’s Vice President, Andrew Johnson, was a strongly pro-Union (but also pro-slavery) Democrat who had been chosen by Lincoln as a compromise running mate to attract Democrats. After Lincoln was assassinated, Johnson thwarted Republican efforts in Congress to recognize the civil rights of the freed slaves, and Southern Democrats continued to thwart any such efforts for close to a century.

Fact: The 14th Amendment, giving full citizenship to freed slaves, passed in 1868 with 94% Republican support and 0% Democrat support in congress. The 15th Amendment, giving freed slaves the right to vote, passed in 1870 with 100% Republican support and 0% Democrat support in congress.

Fact: The Ku Klux Klan was originally and primarily an arm of the Southern Democratic Party. Its mission was to terrorize freed slaves and “ni**er-loving” (their words) Republicans who sympathized with them.

Fact: In the 1950s, President Eisenhower, a Republican, integrated the US military and promoted civil rights for minorities. Eisenhower pushed through the Civil Rights Act of 1957. One of Eisenhower’s primary political opponents on civil rights prior to 1957 was none other than Lyndon Johnson, then the Democratic Senate Majority Leader. LBJ had voted the straight segregationist line until he changed his position and supported the 1957 Act.

Fact: The historic Civil Rights Act of 1964 was supported by a higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats in both houses of Congress. In the House, 80 percent of the Republicans and 63 percent of the Democrats voted in favor. In the Senate, 82 percent of the Republicans and 69 percent of the Democrats voted for it.

Fact: Contrary to popular misconception, the parties never “switched” on racism. The Democrats just switched from overt racism to a subversive strategy of getting blacks as dependent as possible on government to secure their votes. At the same time, they began a cynical smear campaign to label anyone who opposes their devious strategy as greedy racists.

I know the liberals have been brainwashed for so long, they will believe anything their idols tell them. What party supported slavery? What party supported Jim Crow Laws? What party wanted it so blacks didn’t have rights? What party supported the KKK? The answer to all of these questions is Democrats.

Who passed the civil rights act? Who opposed slavery? What party was founded on anti-slavery activists? The answer to these questions is REPUBLICANS!

If you still fail to believe this, go to Google and research these facts yourself. The truth hurts and sorry liberals, you can’t argue with the truth! The next time someone claims that Republicans are racist and Democrats are not, don’t fall for it. Liberals are the ones who I see as the real racists.

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Dean James III%

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