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Donald Trump Exposes Obama For Favoring Muslims Over Christians… Here’s His Brutal Message (Video)


While speaking in Las Vegas Donald Trump  exposed Barack Hussein Obama for allowing thousands of Muslims into our country but deliberately denies entry to persecuted Christians all over the world.

We need to protect our Christian people in Syria by allowing them entry into America.

Here is the video which was filmed in Trump’s recent speech in Las Vegas:

Theodore Shoebat at reports:

Notice how Trump calls the persecuted Christians “our people,” which is quite telling, because it shows that he sees the Christians as universal brethren. I truly hope that, if he becomes president, that he, viewing the persecuted as his brethren, will allow them into the United States. This current administration is not ignoring the persecuted, it is are downright attacking the persecuted Christians. By supporting the revolutions in Syria, Egypt and Iraq, it has and it is enabling the the anti-Christian forces to execute its reign of terror on the Christian populations of the Near East. Just look at what happened to twenty Christians who fled Iraq and came to California; they were not welcomed with the arms of American liberty, but bludgeoned by the club of prejudice and hatred, and put in captivity where they have been kept as enemies for over four months.

And since Trump is openly discussing this serious issue on the Mexican borders, the case for Padre Goyo, is arguably the most outspoken priest in Mexico today.  Of the 7 Apatzingán Michoacán priests whose life have been threaten in 2014, he tops the list of most reviled by organized crime, and corrupt government, both municipal, state and federal. In 2014, Goyo’s brother, “Luis Jerónimo”, was kidnapped by the Caballeros Templarios. Luis Jerónimo, 39, was released after a few days of captivity and then decided to leave Mexico and appeared before the immigration authorities at the border crossing of San Ysidro, California to seek asylum. However, what happened to Luis should be an example of what Trump speaks about the “good Mexican people” vs. the bad whom the U.S. city of refuge system do give safe haven to.

In the case of Luis, instead of allowing Luis to enter as a persecuted immigrant, he was sent to a detention center, where he  remained for nearly a year without being granted bail and exposed to immediate deportation. The case for Mexican Christians who are persecuted is immense (see our report here).

We need a leader that will treat the Christians, not as enemies, but as brothers and sisters, as our people. Hopefully Trump will be a leader who will be a “punishment of evildoers and for the praise of those who do good.” (1 Peter 2:14) In this case, the evildoers will be the persecutors, and the good the Christians who need our help.


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