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The New Social Media Challenge… Encouraging People To Trespass On Private Property And Tear Down Confederate Flags

Blaze and Spitfire RIGHT WING TRIBUNE

I do not care what type of flag you have. This is a violation of private property rights. One group of people think they can go into someone’s yard and take someone else’s flag because it is offensive. Really? Don’t these people see that all they are doing is playing into the Obama administration’s hands, it’s all about race to him and the Al Sharpton’s of the world! These people are nothing more than sheep.


The whole situation is getting so out of control. It’s a piece of material. It stands for whatever you THINK it stands for, or in many cases what the government told them it stood for. The flag didn’t kill or oppress anyone. I’m sick of people always having to blame someone or something for their actions. What happened to taking self responsibility for one’s own actions?

Obviously they have nothing better to do than stealing people’s property. Just because you don’t “like” it or find it “offensive” doesn’t make it right. It will all be fun and games until a homeowner is out in his yard, feels threatened for his safety and pulls out a gun and blows someone away. Will it then be called the #ShootAFool challenge? Maybe a homeowner will electrify their flag pole and we’ll call it #ElectrocuteAFool challenge… It’s gonna happen! What will be the repercussions for an incident such as that? Will we see towns burned and businesses looted in the name of justice?

I call many black people friends but that doesn’t mean that they share the same hate towards the flag. Sadly if you look around our fine country it’s becoming ridiculous. Cracker Barrel having a petition signed to change the name because some think it’s racist. California banning Pain pill bottles because of the cotton in them. The rebel flag being stripped from the General Lee. The list goes on and on. This has gotten to the point where it needs to stop and we all need to come together as a society and fight the real problems instead of fighting each other.

Below is just one of the many videos of the newest “challenge” being spread across social media.

YouTube video via Kelly Mac

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