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ALERT: Netanyahu Slams Obama For Caving In IRAN Nuke Deal… Issues Brutal Warning


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has issued an angry warning about the nuclear deal between the world’s major powers and Iran, as negotiators are getting close to a final agreement.


Breitbart reports:

“We will not pay the price for this,” Netanyahu said, in a statement recalling the manner in which the West had abandoned Czechoslovakia to the Nazi regime at the Munich negotiations in 1938.

Netanyahu also slammed the west for violating its own “red lines”–not just those at the start of negotiations, but those reached in the recent deal in Lausanne, Switzerland, such as a full Iranian compliance with international inspectors, which apparently has been dropped. He also noted that Iran had spent the past several days vowing to continue its efforts to destroy both the U.S. and Israel regardless of any deal.

Netanyahu obama israel

“The ruler of Iran, Khameini, is quoted as saying that Iran needs to plan to fight the US regardless of whether there is an agreement,” the Israeli leader was quoted by the Times of Israel as saying. “The president of Iran, Rouhani, stands at the head of the march of hatred in the streets of Tehran, in which US and Israeli flags were burned, and in which many chanted ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel.’

“All of this is happening as the parade of concessions to Iran continues in Vienna, concessions even on issues that had been marked as red lines in the Lausanne package, which is a bad deal in its own right. It paves Iran’s way to many nuclear bombs and gives it hundreds of billions of dollars for its terrorism and conquest machine, thereby endangering the peace of the entire world,” Netanyahu added.

He is pissed and I don’t blame him.


Look, we all knew from the get go that Obama and Lurch would cave. They are spineless. They are idiots. This has got to be the worst ‘deal’ ever negotiated in American history. Good job you LIBERAL MORONS! 


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