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NBC Hack Asks TRUMP If He Owns Guns… He Fires Back With This Brutal Response [WATCH]


NBC hack Katy Tur is the latest idiot in the media to take a shot at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during a recent interview. She made a lame attempt to trip up Trump on the subject of gun control. It didn’t go like she had planned!

The lib asked, “Do you have a gun?”

“Yes, I do,” Trump replies.

“Do you use it?” she asks. “Gun range?” What a B-rate interview! And so blatantly obvious what she’s up to. NBC sucks.

Trump got pissed and fired back, “That’s none of your business. It’s really none of your business. I have a license to own a gun.”

Then she asks another question worthy of a Pulitzer prize- “Gun control?” Is this liberal moron capable of putting together a complete sentence? 

“What are you talking about?” Trump, clearly annoyed by now, shoots back.

When the reporter clarified and asked specifically about “stronger background checks,” Trump argued gun control can lead to a “slippery slope” where Americans’ Second Amendment rights can be violated. (H/T TheBlaze)

“I don’t want to do anything to violate the Second Amendment. To me, the Second Amendment is very important,” he added.

Watch the exchange via NBC here!

LMAO, what a liberal PUTZ! Personally I feel that Donald Trump’s popularity is scaring the hell out of these liberals. Hillary’s numbers are garbage and are getting worse. Of course, she has die hard fans that would vote for her no matter what she does or says. That’s because liberals don’t pay attention. And they don’t care. They blindly vote for their Democrat- PERIOD.

Here’s more!

Trump is gaining momentum every day and personally I like him- a lot! I think a TRUMP/ CRUZ ticket might do pretty darn good. I liked Perry but he has said some crap I’m not particularly fond of. Jeb? Not my cup of tea. Rubio is okay but he won’t win. At least I don’t think he could.

Let me know what you think of Donald Trump and please pass this on! Thank you and God Bless. 

Dean James III%